What I Do

I photograph natural light environments, creating true to life representations of Newport, Rhode Island and the surrounding communities. Much of my photography is created using long exposures on a tripod along the coastline of Newport, Rhode Island.


I use a Canon DSLRs and Sony mirrorless system with multiple lenses, screw-on filters, a basic tripod and several other accessories. My camera setup is not extravagant or overly expensive, but meets the basic requirements for professional still photography. I find that knowledge of the essential requirements of still photography including composition, lighting, shutter speed and aperture – along with a strong dedication to your craft – are the most important tools you can possess.

For digital post processing, I use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera RAW. I have extensive experience in professional Photoshop image editing and post-production, having worked as photo editor and digital prepress specialist for magazines and newspapers.


The majority of the photos on NewportRIphotos.com are taken in Newport County, Rhode Island. Aquidneck Island and it’s surrounding smaller islands have an abundant 135 miles of coastline. Within these waters are three bridges, nearly a dozen lighthouses and countless photographic opportunities.


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